Fame Talent School proudly presents Annie Jr. SHOWCASE!

Come along to this FREE event at Centre Stage and watch Mackay’s local talent perform their hearts out.

Proudly bought to you by Mackay Fame Talent School, Annie Jnr is a musical theatre production based on the Broadway Musical, Annie. Set in 1950s New York, Annie is the story of a spirited little girl, living in an orphanage of hard knocks. Despite being treated terribly by the orphanage’s Mistress, Miss Hanigan, Annie’s is alive with hope. She truly believes her parents will eventually find their way to her and they will be reunited as family. Meanwhile, attempting to bolster his public image, millionaire businessman, Daddy Warbucks, decides to host Annie at his estate, to the Christmas of her dreams. The pair quickly forge a beautiful friendship and Daddy Warbucks decides he’d like to adopt Annie long-term. However, Annie’s heart is still with her Mum and Dad and with Daddy Warbuck’s support the pair find Annie’s parents. Or do they? Featuring songs that we all know and love, Annie Jnr is elevated further by the outstanding talents showcased by local students.

🎥 Tickets are also on sale for their MECC performance on Sat 13 July & Sun 14 July.

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