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Editorial Trend Meets You

Posted on 24 April by

Discover which trend you should try this season.... Take the Quiz!

Winter is coming and it’s bringing some amazing fashion trends. Find out which one will best suit your personal style with the Caneland Central Trend Meets You fashion quiz.

1. What’s your idea of the perfect night out?

A) Your girlfriends come over to get ready for a big night on the town, but instead of heading out you end up staying in and laughing over your worst Tinder anecdotes and embarrassing work stories

B) Your partner takes you on a top-secret and super romantic date, visiting the places where you first met and where you had your first kiss

C) An opening of a new exhibition at your local art gallery. Someone up-and-coming, quirky and cool, with free canapés to boot

D) Taking in a cinematic classic at a rooftop cinema, quoting all the best lines and relaxing with your friends

2. What is your most well-worn wardrobe staple?

A) Your favourite pair of jeans. They sit at just the right height on your waist and the cut of the leg is so flattering you feel like you have the legs of a supermodel every time you wear them

B) The perfect wrap dress. Diane Von Furstenberg designed her iconic dress more than 40 years ago, and the style has been a wardrobe staple ever since. It’s a flattering and feminine style with universal appeal

C) A well-cut blazer. This investment is well worth the extra money it takes to have tailored because you can wear it all year round and straight from a boardroom to an after-party

D) The perfect white t-shirt. It’s the most versatile piece in your wardrobe and probably one of the cheapest. This classic should have a clean but worn-in look that provides a blank canvas for the rest of your outfit

3. What word best describes your style?

A) Eclectic

B) Preppy

C) Minimalist

D) Effortless

4. What meal do you love to eat out?

A) Brunch. Breakfast foods are the best foods, according to you, and you love nothing more than the laidback delight of endless coffees and avocado on toast, or pancakes if you’re feeling fancy

B) Dinner. There’s something to be said for getting dolled up for a nice meal, and it’s how you like to mark most special occasions

C) Tapas and cocktail hour. That’s a meal, right? It’s not quite dinner, but it’s tasty, social and right up your alley

D) Late-night snack. All-night diners and pop-up food trucks are your eating establishments of choice after a night out, a gig or just a late one in the office

5. Pick an on-trend shoe style

A) Sliders. It’s yet another ’90s throwback, but instead of minimal and sporty, the best of the season are jazzed and bedazzled. Luckily for us they’re still ultra-comfortable

B) Whether it’s a tie, a buckle or a bow, there seems to be a lot of love being given to ankles this season. Adorn yours with something flirty and feminine to take your cocktail dress to the next level

C) Patent leather. Ditch your standard boots for something a little shinier. The latest Autumn/Winter shoe trends are oh-so extra, and patent leather boots are just the thing to dress up an otherwise simple outfit in rain, hail or shine

D) Over-the-knee boots. We have Kate Moss to thank for making this style happen and it’s one with real staying power. Team with a knit dress for a cool but casual vibe

6. What is your go-to hairstyle?

A) Bedhead. You love your hair to look effortless, loose and like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Sometimes that’s how you achieve this look, but mostly you’re closely acquainted with salt spray and dry shampoo

B) Topknot. It’s an easy style that looks pretty and put-together. Sometimes you mix it up with a half-up, half-down topknot but mostly it’s all up and all out of the way

C) Straight with centre part. Your straightener sure gets a workout with this sleek ’do, and you get regular trims to keep your ends looking healthy

D) High pony. This bouncy style is fresh and fierce, adding a lift to your look for minimal effort


7. What cringe-worthy style choice is lurking in your past?

A) Shiny cargo pants. They were stylistically nonsensical, but then again so was much of the early 2000s. Hilary Duff has a lot to answer to regarding this thankfully forgotten trend

B) Low-rise jeans with visible underwear. It was a look, that’s for sure

C) Leather cuffs. So edgy, so punk rock. Apparently Avril Lavigne was a style maven for a short period of time there

D) Trucker hats, particularly those Von Dutch ones. Extra points if you placed it atop your head without pulling it all the way on

8. Choose a new-season beauty look

A) Mermaid lids. Think Ariel if she had access to a dreamy colour palette and lots of glitter. Purples, greens and pinks make this look as sweet as can be. Keep those lips and cheeks neutral to avoid stepping into clown territory

B) Coloured lashes. Burgundy in particular is a great Winter style choice

C) Dare to bare. With so much going on in the world of beauty, there’s a real movement towards women going without any makeup at all. Au naturel is certainly one trend worth trying

D) Statement lips. Be bold with your lip choices, from super dark colours to ombre or glitter styles

9. What colour appears most in your Autumn/Winter wardrobe?

A) Mustard

B) Burgundy

C) Black

D) Grey

10. What Winter fashion accessory will you be trying out?

A) Circular sunglasses. This retro style suits most face shapes, and adds a fun factor to casual dress

B) Corset. From the bedroom to the runway, this trend is best worn over a dress shirt for the ultimate medieval-meets-modern approach

C) Silk scarf. Tie it around your neck, onto your bag or even on your wrist. Printed or plain, new or vintage, make this look your own in 100 different ways

D) Single earrings. This look translated from the runway to the street-style set with ease and can be replicated with items you already have at home. Choose something geometric in gold or silver



Mostly As: Chic Combos

Dress up your jeans in the truest sense. Keep them guessing by wearing the latest jeans under an oversized blouse or midi dress. Covering up has never been so chic. This cool look gives an air of effortlessness with a hint of ’90s nostalgia.

Mostly Bs: All Tied Up

Get preppy with bows and tie-ups. Pair your shirt with a leather skirt or culottes for the ultimate combination of style and school. It’s a feminine style that’s sure to impress.

Mostly Cs: A Cut Above

Cropped pants are an Autumn/Winter essential. Who says pants have to be a certain length? Show the slightest bit of skin and celebrate a new era in hem lengths. This minimalist addition to your wardrobe is chic both in the office and out on the town.

Mostly Ds: Double Denim

Gone are the cropped and figure-hugging versions; this season, when it comes to denim jackets, oversized is the style of choice. This piece is sure to keep you toasty-warm while tying together an entire outfit. Hello, rockin’ statement piece! Pair your jacket with high-waisted, mum-style jeans and don’t be afraid to try a bit of embroidery.


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