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Editorial A Modern Romance

Posted on 13 May by

A dip in the mercury has us dipping into deeper, more romantic hues when beautifying our homes, as we leave the light and bright colour palettes of spring summer behind. 

It seems interiors have taken cues from the autumn winter fashion trends of 2019 (we don’t blame them) as rich, moody tones like winter berries and plum transcend from our wardrobes into our bedroom styling. 

Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen Hamptons-inspired and minimalistic home decorating dominating Pinterest search histories, but there’s been a change in the mood – one that’s a little more dramatic. 

Cold, dreary winters call for cosy layering in the home and even if a complete overhaul is out of the question, a few plush cushions, thoughtfully placed objects, soft furnishings and a heavy knitted throw can make all the difference. 

The thought of lighting an autumn spiced candle, sipping a warm cup of herbal tea and throwing a knit over your knees while diving into a good book is more than enough reason to embrace the cold weather and indulge in this season’s modern-romantic trend. 

Simple additions to a room like a bedside lamp fitted with a warm globe is another ambient and under-utilised accompaniment, that can really bring a room together. Aside from that, a handy bedside lamp will also save you from having to retreat from your cocoon to turn the light off!

While flowers may be synonymous with spring, there is no rule to state they cannot accentuate a winter-styled room just as well. Yet another easy seasonal swap, blooms in blush tones paired with deep green foliage in a fishbowl vase is a feminine yet contemporary way to draw the eye and add life and a homely feel to the bedroom. 

It seems as though each season has a print associated with it and while the tropical palm frond thrived in summer, winter florals are a timeless staple. Florals in various patterns and sizes have come in and out of interior styling and have again been rewritten, this time in a romantic sense. The larger floral print that we’re seeing adorning the display windows, lends itself to a more modern look and paired with charcoal and deeper berry tones is a moody and seriously sophisticated vibe that we can’t wait to emulate. 


  • This trend is all about moody florals with a touch of luxury – choose cushions, bed linen and artworks with large floral designs
  • Main colours in the palette are plum, blush, maroon, charcoal and deep blue hues
  • Embellish the look with gold and brass accented décor 
  • Textures like heavy knits, velvet and faux fur give the space a sumptuous, textured feel
  • Introduce a bedside lamp fitted with a warm ambient globe to tie this wintery look together
  • Antwerp Burgundy Tulips Wall Art



  • Luxury Faux Fur Throw


    Bed Bath N Table

  • Osaka Candle



  • Shaynna Blaze Flinders Candle Diffuser Gift Pack


    Harris Scarfe

  • Shaynna Blaze Twiggy Textured Cushion


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  • Glass Tea Cup and Wooden Saucer


    Kikki K

  • Vue Salem Cushion



  • Abode Bowl Vase



  • Buffalo Journal



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