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Editorial 7 Tips for Buying Jewellery

Posted on 7 February by

Picking the perfect gift

When it comes to jewellery, there’s truth in cliché. Diamond’s are (and always will be) a girl’s best friend. For what seems like millennia, an exquisite piece of jewellery has been a fool-proof Valentine’s Day gift that’s sure to put a sparkle in her eye. It’s not necessarily about how much you spend – it really is the thought that counts. There’s a lot to consider if you really want to knock it out of the park this year. Whether you’re searching for a piece for a new fling or your wife of ten years, there’s more to buying jewellery than just picking something sparkly.

1. Do your research

Knowing her style is the first step to selecting the perfect piece. Take a peak inside her jewellery box and have a look at the kind of jewellery she already owns. Does she love fine bracelets with dainty details or is she more into chucky statement earrings? Thanks to social media, there’s much subtler ways for women to hint at what they want, rather than just leaving a certain page of a catalogue open with a big red circle around it. Have a look through her recently liked images on Instagram and you may notice a trend. Culminate all your research together and get a clear idea of her style before you head to the shops.

Vday_Canelands-Valentines-Day_750x400-Blog4_2-Pick Your Metal

2. Pick your metal

As well as considering the style of jewellery, it’s important to consider the metal. There are four main options when selecting a metal type ¬– sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. These not only differ in colour and price point, but also durability. Over time, sterling silver jewellery will tarnish. In regions with high humidity, like North Queensland, this tarnishing process is sped up. If it’s longevity you’re after, opt for gold instead of silver.

Vday_Canelands-Valentines-Day_750x400-Blog4_3-Go Bold

3. Go Bold

Valentine’s Day is your moment to make a statement. Whether an engagement is on the cards or not, there’s many ways to mark the occasion with a bold gesture of love. Promise rings and eternity rings are wonderfully romantic options for those who’d like to express a new (or renewed) level of commitment without necessarily popping the question. Whether you’re looking at traditional diamond rings or a unique band with coloured gemstones, wrapping up a ring is sure to make this February 14th one for the history books.

Vday_Canelands-Valentines-Day_750x400-Blog4_4-Make a Statment

4. Make a Statement

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a gift is worth much more than that. The stones you pick this Valentine’s Day can speak the words you can’t quite wrap your lips around. Most gemstones have very specific meaning. If you take the time to think carefully about your selection, these can be used to your advantage and make your gift mean so much more. Just as diamonds mean forever, pearls are a metaphor for something rare and valuable, making them an excellent choice this V-Day.

Vday_Canelands-Valentines-Day_750x400-Blog4_5-Experiment with Shapes

5. Experiment with Shapes 

If your partner loves to experiment with different looks, then it may be worthwhile throwing all your research out the window. While risky, buying something that’s completely different to everything she already owns might just pay off. For the women who’s on the pulse of fashion and trends, consider a striking geometric piece. Bold triangles, squares and even pentagonal shapes are sure to win her compliments every time she wears them.

Vday_Canelands-Valentines-Day_750x400-Blog4_6-Utilise Symbols

6. Utilise Symbols

From hearts and anchors to infinity symbols and crosses – symbols have been utilised in jewellery as far back as the heart scarabs of Ancient Egypt. It’s important to consider the symbols involved in the jewellery you’re selecting to make sure the message you’re sending is the right one. To symbolise love, commitment and honesty, heart shapes and key shapes are perfect.

Vday_Canelands-Valentines-Day_750x400-Blog4_7-Consider Wearability

7. Consider wearability

While a large, statement piece may make an impact, it’s likely to limit the frequency your partner will wear your gift. If it’s designed to be a special occasion piece, this is likely expected. If your desire is for her to don this piece every day, it’s important to make sure it’s highly wearable. Consider any sharp edges, as they often catch on clothing and opt for a piece that lies flat to make sure she can comfortably wear your chosen piece as often as possible. 


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