Saving the environment may seem like a daunting task for one person but we can all make a difference. Some of the items we use at home, we re-purchase out of habit and routine. Take a moment to step back and consciously think about the environment the next time you head out to do some shopping, it’s amazing how many eco-friendly shopping items are available at your fingertips if you start looking for them.

If we aim to reduce, recycle and reuse to benefit the environment, choosing an eco-conscious alternative is an easy way to make an immediate difference to the amount of waste that a household contributes to landfill.

We’ve scoured the centre to find 12 products that you can use at home that are either reusable, eco-friendly or made from recycled materials. Items are available and prices are correct at the date of publishing.

1. Beeswax Food Wraps – Think Eco from Woolworths 4 pack $22.
Swap out clingwrap for beeswax food wraps that will last up to 12 months. These are made using high-quality certified organic cotton, Australian beeswax, natural tree resin, organic jojoba oil and certified organic coconut oil. Perfect for every kitchen; wrapping avocados, salads and leftover meals, cheese and bunches of herbs.

2. Reusable nappies – Big Softies bundle from Big W $19.
A staggering 3.75 million disposable nappies are used each day in Australia and New Zealand. This is a lot of landfill with conventional disposable nappies estimated to take up to 150 years to break down.

3. Reusable cleansing pads – Alchemist 6 pieces including washbag from Target $5.
Cleanse your skin and remove makeup easily by swapping out disposable cotton pads, cotton wool or tissues for reusable and washable cleansing pads made from a bamboo blend.

4. Cotton produce bags – Karlstert Set of 5 from Robins Kitchens $14.99
Leave the plastic on the roll at the produce department and bring along your own reusable bags instead. The cotton will also help your fruit and vegetables breathe if you’re in a rush and store them straight into the fridge.

5. Recycled A5 notepad – TYPO $4.99
Instead of chopping down new trees to make a notepad, why don’t we just use paper made from paper? TYPO have a range of notepads that are made from 100% recycled materials and guess what, you can recycle it when you’re done!

6. Super soft slim cuff pant from Cotton On Body $20.99
Cotton On have introduced recycled fibres into their range with extra cosy lightweight fleece, this drawstring pant is a dream to lounge and relax in. You can chillax knowing that you’re clothes are as eco-friendly as you are.

7. Stretch Mom Jean from Cotton On $34.99
Denin is a staple in most wardrobes but did you know that Cotton On produce jeans with recycled cotton? Check the label before you try your next pair on and see if there is a more sustainable option available.

8. Rubi flip flops – Cotton On $5.00
Using pre consumer recycled materials – PVC free means these flip flops are safer for the environment and, consequently, easier to eliminate.

9. Period pants/briefs from Priceline $13.65
Swap out disposable sanitary products each month with period pants/briefs that can be worn, washed and reused instead.

10. Shampoo or conditioner bar from Myer $14.95
Minimise the use of plastics in the bathroom by introducing a conditioner bar for your hair. The Australian Natural Soap company produce a conditioner bar that is also palm oil free, cruelty free as well as vegan.

11. Reusable eco cup – Oasis double wall cup from Myer $4.99
When you’re on the go swap out disposable plastic cups of coffee cups for a reusable option that is kinder on the environment. Made from a natural straw wheat composite, these double wall insulated cups are eco-friendly & reusable, BPA-free and keeps your drinks hotter or cooler for longer.

12. Bamboo toothbrush from Coles $4
Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is a simple way to reduce the amount of disposable plastic that your household uses.