June 27, 2023

Top 4 Fun School Holiday Activities to do in Mackay

Prepare for an exciting adventure during these school holidays as you embark on a wild journey filled with thrilling activities for the entire family. Discover the top school holiday destinations in Mackay, including thrilling platypus viewing at Broken River, delightful adventures at Queens Park, exciting movies at Event Cinemas, captivating escape rooms, and an otherworldly space show at Caneland Central.

Experience the wonder of spotting elusive platypus in their natural habitat at Eungella National Park, just an hour’s drive from Mackay. Visit Broken River’s viewing decks at dawn or dusk for the best chance to see these shy creatures, along with turtles and other wildlife. Keep still and quiet, watch for air bubbles, and don’t miss a visit to Platypus Lodge Café for a bite and more park information. With 22 kilometres of trails and amenities available, Eungella offers an unforgettable adventure in the heart of nature.

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Discover the newly refurbished Queens Park, a picturesque venue with stunning gardens, well-maintained lawns, and historic buildings perfect for public and private events. Located near the city center and Pioneer River waterfront, all your event needs are conveniently within reach. For more information, visit www.mackaywaterfront.com.au.

Queens Park offers a range of fantastic features, such as BBQ areas, seating areas, shelters, a prominent regional playground, a newly built amenities block, expansive green spaces including historical cricket grounds, renovated historic buildings, family-friendly access, ample parking, wheelchair accessibility, and the renowned Ken Burgess Orchid House.

Experience the thrill of an immersive escape room adventure at Escape Rooms Mackay. Gather your family, friends, or group and challenge yourselves to solve puzzles, riddles, and hints within a themed room, all while racing against the clock to escape within the exhilarating 60-minute time limit. Escape Rooms Mackay offers a unique and interactive leisure activity designed to bring people together for a fun-filled experience.

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Embark on an extraordinary space adventure these school holidays at Caneland Central! Join Astronaut Jimmy in his captivating “Out of this World” space show, packed with science, magic, and endless fun for the whole family. Witness the mesmerizing launch as Astronaut Jimmy defies gravity and invites a lucky audience member to experience the thrill of flying mid-air. Prepare for laughter and surprise as you encounter Jimmy’s hilarious T.P space blaster, a zany invention that will leave you in stitches.

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