Healthy Planet, brought to you by Plastic Boutique have completed their Community Workshops consisting of Sculpture and Fiber Arts. The finished Art piece will be on display from 14 September – 18 October near Platypus Shoes.

Get to know the local Artists behind the project below:


Margaret Burgess
Relishing life to the max and drawn to all things nature has to offer, living and breathing creativity is Margaret’s life. Currently working in many mediums from acrylic paintings to found objects, recycled plastics, wire sculptures and broken china, she has a very diverse arts practice as well as being a highly experienced Tutor, Concept Developer and Project Manager.

Some of her recent achievements are:
Plastic Boutique – Pledge to the Planet Project in 2019
Artist In Residence Caneland Project, 2019; and
Founder of the Artist Collective at Caneland, 2020.


Lian Meaney
Lian is a very experienced tutor, teaching both adult and children classes. In 2019 Lian was Caneland Central’s first Artist in Residence, which led to the development of the Artist Studio Caneland.
Lian holds a blue card and has worked delivering many workshops in schools around the region in addition to school holiday workshops at Caneland.


Tracey Robb
Mackay-based Textile and Fiber Artist Tracey Robb is a self-professed sufferer of OCD – Obsessive Crochet Disorder! Tracey’s inspiration comes from her love of nature, particularly the flora and fauna of tropical Queensland with an emphasis on free-form crochet using unconventional interpretations of traditional techniques and materials.


Andrea Wright
In 2012 and inspired by the place she now calls home, her love for painting was rekindled. Through experimenting with several mediums over the following years she was introduced to resin and was hooked instantly. Since then, she’s been developing her own techniques to capture the essence of the coral seas and more recently, teaching the skills she has learned with regular workshops.


Catherine Clark Dowden
There is a magic to animals, and it is Catherine’s passion, as an artist, to capture their spirit and energy, the sheer drama of their movement.

“I turn to many different mediums to bring my work to life, from pencil drawings, mixed media, right through to painted murals.”

Her passion for art was rekindled in 2009 when she decided to study Visual Arts at Mackay TAFE. She loved being around like-minded people, sharing ideas and techniques, it was a great time in her life. She still loves learning new ways of being creative, so she will regularly attend workshops.
Catherine finds art rewarding; it can be challenging and frustrating at times, but the more she does, the more inspired she becomes.

“The possibilities are endless with art!”


Sue Riley Gee
Sue’s longing to paint started when she went around Australia in 1979.

“Our sunrises, sunsets, water, reflections, hills, trees, storms, the Human form – are all breathtaking I used to stare – now I see why I’m starring colour, shadows, light, direction. I can feel it registering in my mind, it’s learning by simply looking, I wanted so badly to paint, I painted any-where and any-time. I love the feeling of contentment and freedom art  gives me.”

Come along to one of our workshops.


May-Britt Mosshammer 
May was born in Denmark in a small sea village in 1967. May’s early show of artistic interest was encouraged by her family and practicing as well as studying art steadily became an essential part of her life.  She completed her Masters of Contemporary Art in 2011. Her work is repeatedly inspired by nature and has an underlaying environmental conservation narrative.


Lupytha Hermin
Lupytha is an artist and a graphic designer who creates acrylic paintings and digital artwork of the ocean.

“I admire the beauty of little things in life. I’d spend a whole day sitting on the beach watching the light bounce off the waves as they kiss the shore and I realised that there is so much satisfaction in just being still. I’m in love with this planet, mother nature has always been one of my biggest inspirations behind my creativity. I enjoy the process of exploring the creativity in my mind and experimenting new different things.”

Connect with Lupytha:


David Conway
David originally got into art in high school where he would create paintings for friends. He enjoys drawing charcoal and colour pastel drawings and painting lots in colour.

“I mainly create high flow paintings as I enjoy the medium, and I enjoy abstract paintings.”

Steph Allen
Steph is an Australian Textile Artist born and bred in rural Central Queensland. She now Iives with her family on the North Queensland Coast on a Cane Farm.
“The medium I work with most is wool roving, I find I can manipulate the colours and texture with this base. My main source of inspiration is my surrounds, the love of the Australian outback and our native flowers. I love colour and find it hard to do subtle however I let nature guide me and try to recreate what I see.”

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